Crash Course for a Rewarding Life

An online guided study to gain tools to move from overwhelm to resilience

☀️ What: A 6-week book-study led by certified coaches Daniel Jubelirer and Greg Reinauer

🌊 Who: Community leaders, educators, artists, organizers, activists, and entrepreneurs who are looking for more ease in their work and are curious to “get their feet wet” with coaching

⏱ When: Monday evenings Sept 9th-Oct 21st

💻 Where: Online through Zoom video call

🙌 Why: To gain the tools to make the impact you’re here to make with clarity, focus, ease, and grace

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Have you ever had a goal or dream that you were so excited about at first, but never followed through on it because it was such a struggle?

When you’re up to big things in the world and you want to make a difference, it can be easy to get overwhelmed and discouraged. It usually takes way more energy than we think to reach our goals. The sheer energy it takes to see important projects and visions through can lead to frustration and burnout if you don’t have the right tools to take action. Luckily, we have some tools that can help!

We’re offering this study to give you foundational coaching principles and tools to create a life of meaning, contribution and joy. In it, you’ll learn simple, game-changing principles & tools that will help you focus your energy on what is most meaningful to you consistently, with greater ease. 

As coaches we know that cultivating resilience and creating results amidst intense, uncertain change is a skill that can be developed with the right support. Join us over 6 weeks as we share skills and tools for you to be joyous, focused and resilient, especially when you’re up to really important work and big goals.  If you’re ready to create new, exciting outcomes in life with less struggle and more enjoyment, this book study may be for you! 

Who we are & why are we offering this course:

Hey, we are Greg and Daniel! We are two certified coaches who have spent our lives grappling with the largest issues of our generation, such as climate change, racism, and profound inequity.  

We came of age in a time of great turmoil and uncertainty, and we’ve struggled many times to find a way to hold hope when things seemed hopeless.  As creative people we found refuge in music, art, and activism but we were both seeking more.

Daniel (left) and Greg (right) are excited to lead this group!

Daniel (left) and Greg (right) are excited to lead this group!

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How we became friends

We first became friends in a holding cell in Westborough, MA after participating in a non-violent direct action against a major oil pipeline.  We were both seeking a way to be engaged in climate justice organizing for the long haul without burning out. We both found transformative tools to make our impact in the world through our training in coaching at the Academy for Coaching Excellence. Now we want to share those tools with you! 

The tools that we learned through our extensive training at the Academy have transformed each of our lives, and it is our mission to share them with folks who are striving to make a great impact on the front lines of our changing society.

There are 6 forms of energy we use in this world to make our goals and dreams happen: Time, Money, Creativity, Physical Vitality, Relationship, and Enjoyment.  In this study you will learn to use these forms of energy masterfully, so that you’re doing more of what you want to be doing in life 

This is why we are coming together to offer these foundational tools in a 6 week, online, low cost format.  We know folks are busy, and resources are often limited, and we don’t want anyone to be left out from this treasure-box of extraordinary tools. 

Thinking about joining? Deadline to join us is Friday, September 6th! Chat with one of us to see if this study is right for you:

In this 6-week study, you’ll learn:

  • To “clear the crud” that’s getting in the way of the work you’re here to do

  • A way of tapping into your inner courage, creativity, and resilience, when challenges feel overwhelming

  • A method for moving past limiting beliefs and mindsets to open up new possibilities for extraordinary progress

  • How to use 6 forms of energy as fuel to make your goals happen, with greater enjoyment and less worry

  • A way to relate to your doubts and worries where they no longer stop you from taking action in life 

  • How to relate to other people in times of stress that bring out their best empower them to calm down and be themselves without working hard

  • A method of taking action consistently with at least 40% more ease

This may be for you if you...

  • Keep trying to make changes in your life but the same obstacles keep coming up again and again 

  • Are worried if you’re really making the difference you’re here to make, and want simple tools to stay centered on your vision and mission in life 

  • You’ve seen a little of what Daniel and Greg are up to and would really love to get a taste of what we have to offer, without committing to a longer program

  • Are interested in a coaching group or 1-on-1 coaching and you want a leg up to maximize your experience

  • You are an activist or community leader on the verge of burnout (if not already there) and you want to find a way to keep going without so much struggle

  • You’re alright with the idea of life getting a little bit easier ;)

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Ok, but what are we actually going to do together? 

Over 6 sessions together we will be reading Mastering Life’s Energies, a book by Maria Nemeth. Maria is a personal mentor and an inspiration to both of us!  As we read the book, we will train you on simple principles, tools and practices you can begin using right away in your life. We ask that you commit to attending all 6 sessions, and purchasing and reading the book along with us if you join this program. We are experienced coaches and trainers in this work, and we’ll show you how to put the tools in this book into action in your life. This

What is the book?


Mastering Life’s Energies by Maria Nemeth clearly articulates the core tools and principles of our coaching model.  This incredible book is filled with principles and tools that have changed thousands of lives. It contains the foundations of the coaching model we use with artists, change-makers, educators, organizers and more. By studying the book with us, we’ll help you implement what you’re learning, so you can apply the tools in your life and produce great results. There is nothing “mystical” in this book. Just a real-life, practical, approach. Mastering Life’s Energies is grounded in principles found across spiritual and secular traditions, from ancient wisdom teachings to the latest research in neuroscience.  During this study we will cover the entire book, and ask that you read it along with us between sessions. Purchase online or at your favorite local bookstore!

Your investment:

We are offering this program at a very low rate because we are hoping to invite people into this transformational work who don’t currently have the resources to invest what it might otherwise cost.

To join this study, we ask for a one-time payment of: 

  • $75 if you’re making ends meet

  • $137 if you’re financially stable

  • $200 if you’re financially flourishing 

We are committed to leaving no one out for financial reasons
so please reach out if the cost would be a hardship.

Call dates and times

We’ll meet via Zoom video call Mondays 5:00-6:30pm Pacific / 8:00-9:30pm Eastern

  • September 9th

  • September 16th

  • September 23rd 

  • September 30th

  • Skip October 7th

  • October 14th 

  • October 21st

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📞 Not sure if this is right for you and want to chat? We’re happy to talk with you! You can book 15 minutes to talk with Greg here, or Daniel here. We look forward to hearing from you!