My Story


Music was my first passion and will forever energize and guide my life’s work.  I believe this world needs creativity and connection more than ever right now, and music is at the heart of that for me.

This passion brought me to Berklee College of Music in Boston where I earned a BM in Performance.  While at Berklee I not only received a world class music education, but I was exposed to a growing movement of people who were fighting for social justice, human rights and the survival of a liveable planet in the face of climate change.  

By the time I graduated, I saw that in order to overcome the greatest challenges of our time, it was essential for people to tap into their passion and creativity

Since then I have been trained as a facilitator, presenter, and training leader through the Awakening the Dreamer and WakeUp programs.  I helped adapt and present these transformational experiences to dozens of colleges and co-presented at the National Powershift Climate Conference.

As a co-founding member of the band Melodeego, I wrote and performed music that fueled the climate justice movement.  We performed as part of’s Do the Math Tour and People’s Climate Tour, and played at college’s, rally’s, and climate justice events across US and Canada.  

The intersection of igniting people’s passion to make a difference, and helping connect people through creative expression has taken many forms.  From designing immersive experiences that combine music with Joanna Macy’s Work that Reconnects, to helping create the concept and write the music for “Turn It Up” an interactive, bike powered, environmental education show for kids.

All my experience over the last 15+ years finding new ways to empower passion and creativity as a force for change has led me to my calling as a coach.

The skills I’ve learned as a coach are the most practical and powerful ways I’ve found to help people put into action their greatest vision for their time on this planet.  My mission as a coach is to empower social change movements through passion and creativity.