What is Coaching?

I may be the right coach
for you if:

You’re a creative person who is suffering because you are not expressing yourself.

You have a passion that you’d love to move from a hobby or side-hustle into a career.

You are passionate about changing the world and experience burnout or cynicism that takes you out of the game.

You have a vision for what you’d love to be doing with your life, and don’t see how to make it reality.

You’re frustrated at work or in your personal life, and you want to experience more ease or “lightness” from day to day.

You want to take your game to the next level and stop playing small.

You’re about to launch a new project and need support in making sure you follow through and succeed.

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My Approach

I’m a professionally-trained coach through the Academy for Coaching Excellence (ACE), an accredited training program of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

I use the ACE coaching model, which combines powerful principles from ancient wisdom teachings with the latest in neuroscience, and integrates it all into an elegant framework that is as pragmatic as it is transformational.

With Creative Action Coaching, I take the tools of this model and support you to move past whatever clouds your creative brilliance, so that you can take consistent, courageous action.

I offer dedicated, compassionate support, so that you will be empowered to move past the places you have stopped yourself before. I promise that whatever you might be experiencing in your life, I will be your coach 100% and never give up on you.



Useful Distinctions

what coaching is & is not:

  • Therapy is about healing and insight; Coaching is about action.

  • Consulting prescribes expertise-based solutions; Coaching emboldens you to act on your own wisdom.

  • Mentoring guides you based on a mentor’s wisdom; Coaching guides you according to your own values and intentions.

  • Training follows a set curriculum toward set objectives; Coaching reveals your own objectives and a path to fulfill them.

  • Coaching supports you to get clear on what is truly important to you and to move forward past where you are currently stuck.

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